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How To Get Promoted Beyond Senior Engineer

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Are you constantly being passed over for promotions? 

Does it feel like an invisible wall is preventing you from rising to the next level?

Do you find it hard to "sell" what you've done to your manager?

Do you wish you had a guide to get to where you want to be in your career?

I am the youngest Distinguished Software Engineer at Walmart. I've climbed 4 levels in the last 4 years. In this video course, I'll pull back the curtain on what it really takes to get promoted beyond Senior Engineer.

Years ago, I used to be afraid I’d never make Senior Engineer. I watched as my co-workers got promoted into the title I thought I deserved. It used to piss me off, especially when I thought  I was doing better work than them. I know the feeling of my hard work not being appreciated.

I had plenty of excellent performance reviews but still didn’t get promoted to Senior. What held me back was that I didn’t understand that “The road to senior goes through code. The road beyond senior goes through prose.”

In this course, you will get the details most people struggle to figure out and sometimes have never been told. You've been conditioned that work is a 2D game. But beyond Senior Engineer, work becomes a 3D game. This is the advice I wish I’d had had years ago, that I’m giving to you today.

In this course, you will get the same advice I've shared with dozens of my hard-working colleagues to get them promoted into the Senior+ roles that they deserved. This year, you’re gonna get that promotion you’ve been gunning for. I got you.


How To Get Promoted Beyond Senior Engineer

  • Intro & Agenda - 0:00
  • 1st Way To Break Through the Senior Glass Ceiling - 5:18
  • 2nd Way To Break Through the Senior Glass Ceiling - 7:04
  • The Non-Obvious Connection - 8:03
  • Why Does The Road Beyond Senior Go Through Prose? - 8:56
  • Principles of Effective Writing - 10:43
  • The Highest Value Writing for Engineers - 13:01
    • Migration Docs - 14:27
    • Slack Messages - 15:29
    • Onboarding Docs - 18:00
    • Tickets (Bug, Feature, Epic) - 19:23
    • Executive Summaries - 23:43
    • Architecture Options - 25:25
    • Keeping A Product You Love From Getting Deprecated - 27:00
    • Preventing Your Manager From Giving You Impromptu Tasks - 28:16
    • Stop Someone Who Keeps Bringing You In (When It Doesn’t Make Sense) - 29:39
    • Pushing For RCAs from Cloud Providers - 31:10
    • Project Notebooks - 33:21
    • Meeting Notes - 34:30
    • Brag Docs - 35:59

Duration: 38 minutes


"Writing effectively consistently helps reduce MTTR of upstream production issues and helped me get recognized and promoted faster than I thought." - Ian Cavanaugh, Software Engineer @ Walmart

"Overall big value add with the other skills you need to focus on, giving more structure to the promotional aspect. A big value add I would say, as most senior engineers I know are usually like "I am the most technical person on the team, but I don't get promoted"" - Kalyan Sundaram, Software Engineer @ Stripe

""I worked with Jay in different capacities for 3 years. Though I have way more experience years wise than Jay, he (Jay) was the Go-to person for both me and the team when work needed to be coordinated with multiple teams. There were many instances where Jay suggested changes in the way I communicated (both spoken and written) to put the point across in a better way. Jay was recognized for his work by the company and promoted to "Distinguished Engineer" recently. I would highly recommend Jay's course as it will benefit you because communication is the key to getting recognized in the workplace." - Pavan Kumar Narendra, Founder @ Suketa Technology Solutions

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How To Get Promoted Beyond Senior Engineer

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